The score was 93:112. When Old Deng Liwei looked at it, four minutes was not enough for them to turn over and declare their surrender.

Ji Guo was ashamed to cover his face with a towel after the game. He felt that he played badly and now he is ashamed to see anyone.
However, in fact, commentators and commentators in various countries have not criticized him. Today, Kobe Bryant’s performance is crazy, and he dare not say that he can control the Clippers’ loss on the road. It is nothing. If they win, it will make everyone wonder that the winning rate of each team in the playoffs this year has reached an astonishing 9%. A typical example is that the Green Shirts poor Celtics have not won an away game, but they are all going to be a joke.
The final score was 99:116, and the Clippers were defeated away from home. They lost to the Lakers by 17 points, and the overall score was 1: 1.
Ji Guoqiu 2 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 blocked shots Ji Guoshame 17 points, 1 rebound, 3 assists and 1 blocked shot Billups 14 points and 4 assists Artest 14 points and 6 rebounds Mobry 9 points James Posey 5 points Garcia.
Kobe Bryant scored 2 points, 6 rebounds and 11 assists. Gasol scored 1 point, 1 rebound, Odom scored 12 points, Rad Manovic scored 12 points, Farmar scored 15 points, Walton Jr. scored 6 points, Bynum scored 5 rebounds, Scheer scored 9 points and 5 assists, and Vujacic scored 7 points.
After Ji Guo’s humiliation, he just reached out a finger and touched Kobe Bryant, which was a congratulations to save him from leaving the game directly, so the league punished him after the game
At the press conference after the game, Kobe joked to the media that he felt great now. "I smelled the championship. Tonight, our team was hungry enough. We showed a strong attack and they wouldn’t have a chance without giving the Clippers a chance. Er … I don’t mean this game because it’s over."
Peter Pan said that he was not satisfied and added, "People forget that nba is a men’s game. When did you hear that the youngest team will win the championship?"
Phil Jackson doesn’t talk like Kobe Bryant. Jackson said at the post-game press conference, "The next series won’t easily win a home game, just like leading in a marathon. It’s a competition in which one of us won’t make mistakes, and the one who makes mistakes in the battle will be eliminated."
The reporter laughed in his heart. "Look at what Jackson said. Doesn’t that mean the Clippers will be eliminated? Even if you don’t care about the gap between the coaches of the two teams, the Clippers’ core twin brothers are novices. Old Deng Liwei’s playoff experience is not as rich as 11 rings. Which side will make more mistakes in this game and you can get the answer without thinking. "
After the game, Deng Liwei regretted that "before the game, Kobe made a special defense strategy. When Kobe attacks, several players must pay attention to what he wants to do next and be ready to double-team at any time. Of course, we should pay attention to Kobe and not give him too many opportunities, but we didn’t do this. The Lakers performed well today and we won’t let them be so relaxed in one game."
After the game, reporters not only paid attention to the game, but also asked whether the Beijing Olympic Games in the year of twins would join the American team. These reporters will ask this question because these two guys have dual nationality, and Canada allows dual nationality. They are now dual nationals of Canada and the United States.
A few days ago, coach Lao K expressed the hope that the American team would update the twins in this Olympic Games, so that Lao K would be willing to give them enough games, and even after the World Championships, they would be able to start. Now no one will doubt that even American fans think that the two brothers will be more suitable for international basketball games.
Ji Guo’s shame answer made Kobe almost angry and vomiting blood. "Why don’t you ask me to join the American national team?" Because I hate Kobe! "
Well, of course, Ji Guo was ashamed of his angry words after losing the game, but the reporters immediately * * they just want to hear such exciting news, and they don’t care whether it is true or not. This fox is really understanding!
The next day, after the game, the Los Angeles Times exposed several news about the Clippers, one of which made the Clippers feel a little strange.
Dadan wrote that Artest will appear on TV and TV commentators at the same time on Saturday afternoon to explain the opening game of wnba Sacramento Monarchs in the new season.
This news is nothing but explaining a women’s basketball game. Although he was distracted in the playoffs, he went to explain the women’s basketball game, which made Clippers fans question the professionalism of the beast, but it did not affect the Clippers Department.
However, at the end of the article, Dadan added that the Lakers are interested in chasing Artest this summer and intend to give the beast a big contract of 40 thousand dollars for four years; Then the Los Angeles Times broke the news that the Nets may have a high-ranking draft, Jefferson and Marcus Williams Van Horne contract to trade Clippers twins and junk contracts; New york Knicks are also interested in twins. It is said that Thomas the Smiling Assassin and his brain-dead boss James Dolan are preparing the whole Knicks to trade twins.
Chapter two hundred and seventy Ji national humiliation trumpet
Of course, no one believes these stories in the Los Angeles Times. It is obvious that they just want to do everything possible to interfere with the Clippers’ preparations and affect the Clippers’ mentality. Artest has indeed been affected. Maybe the Lakers really contacted Artest. Who can say for sure?
Artest thought about it, and he thought that the Lakers’ promises now were just words. Who knows if 40 thousand will become 30 thousand in the summer of 2008? So Artest quickly came out to refute the rumor that the Los Angeles Times was not responsible for false news and maintained its accountability.
In the next few days, the Los Angeles Times suddenly turned to discuss the annual salary of twins. They calculated according to all the tens of millions of stars in the league and finally came to a conclusion. The personal data of the twin brothers have reached the top salary level. They are not as good as the Lakers Pau Gasol and the Green Shirt Kevin Garter in the Clippers, but the two of them add up to only 30,000 annual salary, which is outrageous.
Ji Guoshi secretly gave a praise to the Los Angeles Times. When he came together, he was worried about doing so much work with so little money, but he was not happy!
On May 17, 2002, when the Los Angeles Times was trying to provoke each other, they never expected that the Lakers would get caught first, and it wasn’t just the Clippers who fought back, but Kobe Bryant himself got angry.
On this day, the famous American divination news network "hediry" broke the news that it was reported from a reliable department that Vanessa Corey, a cheerleader of Kobe Bryant, the winner of the 27-season mvp, was having an affair. It was confirmed that the two had secretly dated many times before. Although this news was not confirmed, the cheerleader with the same name as Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa Bryant had resigned. According to the insider who disclosed this situation, they were deeply hidden and difficult to find out.
Later, "hediry" interviewed the Lakers’ photograph on this matter and was explained that "Vanessa" took the initiative to quit her job to develop the "host career"
Although the news was not confirmed by reliable evidence, enthusiastic netizens in the United States commented that the news was "old news". As early as the Star Game, Kobe dated the cheerleader named Vanessa, and there was even a high school friend named Kobe’s wife Vanessa. The netizen replied that Vanessa was a loyal note of "hediry". This storm is likely to be implicated in the playoffs of the Lakers by the way.
With so many insiders coming out, Ji Guo’s shame is not to be outdone. I took this opportunity to secretly put a big move. His id number 17/47 trumpet sent an amazing reply!
The 17/47 classmate said that he also got reliable information. It is said that Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, said that Peter Pan had cheated with at least 15 different women.
Yes, that’s what the trumpet post of Ji Guo’s shame says. Although some people reply that his so-called "Ministry information" is a little too deep, how can he practice knowing everything about his husband and wife? However, Ji Guo was shamelessly replying to this news. It is absolutely true that Kobe’s wife, Vanessa, revealed that her husband has more than friendship with one different woman every year. Every nba city has his sexual partner. These are all shameful things hidden behind their marriage, and 15 women are still a very conservative estimate.
"Are you wicked?" Ji Guoqiu is extremely contemptuous of his brother’s bad behavior!
"wicked? You know what? If I do this, the boss may not get divorced in the future. I think it’s good for him so that he will carefully consider whether it’s worth it when cheating, "Ji Guo said with shame and righteousness."
No, Kobe Bryant is at home, and Lakers players and fans are also worried about whether his core will affect his status. The Lakers seem to win the first game of the Western Conference finals easily, but Charles Buckley doesn’t think so. The big ass thinks that the Lakers win first. The line of twins still exceeds the Lakers’ offensive ability. Seventy percent of Kobe Bryant’s scores are distributed on the outside line, which means that Peter Pan can’t actually get into the Clippers line. His good hit rate and high score depend on the hot touch, but this touch will not be possessed in every game.
Secondly, Buckley thinks that Billups and Artest were both lukewarm in the first game. Mr. Key should be injured more than Artest. I don’t know why he is depressed, but the Lakers can’t expect them to be depressed all the time.
Except Charles Barkley, who is still optimistic about the Clippers, espn news also analyzed that the first game of the Lakers was a horse race in Tian Ji. It can also be said that Jackson played hard to get, and let the Clippers fight with his other players first, and Kobe Bryant turned into an organizer. When the Clippers and Gasol led the other Lakers to play half-time, Peter Pan suddenly made a force at half-time.
It sounds a bit ridiculous. espn thinks that this trick can’t always make the Clippers Billups and Artest come out, so they can resist Gasol and Odom’s offensive, and Kobe will die if he can’t beat the Lakers.
Espn thinks that the Lakers’ line is a big problem. Let’s just count Bynum, Gasol and Odom. The first game was completely photographed in front of the touchstone of the twin brothers. The first game of the national hatred played Duncan-class performance. If it weren’t for the poor touch of Fox’s brother and Peter Pan’s super personal ability, I’m afraid the Lakers would have lost their home court advantage.
The twin brothers are relatively stable players with excellent psychological quality, and because the clippers swept their opponents in the second round and rested for ten days, all the main players except Bilupsky remained healthy, even if Mr. Key didn’t seem to have much injury, so in the playoff finals, their main team was one of the best-kept teams.
Compared with the Clippers, other major teams have injuries of one kind or another, including Celtic Gart, Ray Allen Pistons Prince, Wallace and Lakers Kobe Bryant and Andrew Bynum. These two guys are also injured. Kobe injured his back in the game against the Hornets. In the first game, he died at half-time, not necessarily because of his back injury. It was decided that if Kobe made a push from the beginning to the end, Kobe’s attack would be discounted due to injuries.
In addition to these, the biggest problem that bothered the Lakers in the first game was rebounding for twins. The two brothers should be tall, flexible, flexible and predictable, which is even more sinister. If the Lakers’ third line is flexible, it is not bad, but why can’t the three of them get many offensive rebounds?
This is determined by the technical characteristics of three people. Gasol’s characteristic is that the chassis is unstable, which not only affects the strength, but also makes the strength worse. Because of the unstable chassis, the strength of whites will be even worse, so Gasol often can’t grab many rebounds in the fourth quarter. Odom’s personality determines that he is not without strength but with a weak heart, which is also determined by a person’s personality and bloodiness. No matter how strong he is, no matter how tall he is without a strong heart, he will hide far away when fighting. There seems to be another Bynum. This guy is bloody enough and not bad, but he can’t hold his head. Bynum belongs to ASUS player country, and the motherboard with Celeron pu can’t be plugged in.
In the first game, the two brothers grabbed 21 rebounds together, which is not much, but one of them was a valuable frontcourt rebound, which means that the Lakers suffered a big loss in rebounding.
Finally, don’t expect Kobe Bryant to be like Superman in every fourth quarter, and he can turn the tide and save the building with his own strength. Gasol scored 4 points in the last quarter and Odom only scored 2 points. This triangle offense base is in name only. If the Clippers strangle Kobe Bryant in the second game, of course, they may not be able to hold on to it, but if Kobe Bryant is misfiring, it is impossible for the Clippers to make a big reversal.
Old Deng Liwei is thoughtful when he sees these reports. This guy will be lazy …
May 17th Boston Celtics vs Detroit Pistons
This year’s Eastern Conference playoffs are no less exciting than the Western Conference. The Celtics have been stumbling all the way. They are the most disappointing team for fans.
No champion has ever won at home in nba history; In the history of the playoffs, there has never been a team that lost more than five games away from home and won the championship; Celtic did two things. No one thinks they can win the championship. Celtic wants to win the championship. At least win an away game for everyone to see!
At this time, the fans felt that even if the Celtics gathered the "Big Three", they could not escape the entanglement of digital fate. Today, their home myth was almost poured cold water by the Pistons.
One game, the Cavaliers made the Celtics experience the most thrilling second series. One home game experienced two rounds of playoff charge. The solid wall of Boston was crumbling. In the first round, the Hawks did not capture Boston because they did not have a lone hero. The Cavaliers did not capture Boston because they had a gorilla; However, the performance of these two teams has given the Pistons confidence that the overall advantage of Motown will be the combination of the first two.
The Boston Big Three didn’t work together in the playoffs. Ray Allen almost became the team’s "cancer"-the best shooter in nba history-he shot only 32% in the Cavaliers’ series, averaging 9324 shots and making 4 3-pointers, which was even more surprising. It seems that even Mobry is not as good as it is.
The Celtics "Big Three" Ray Allen still couldn’t find a feeling in the Eastern Conference finals. Fortunately, Kevin Garter and Paul Pierce were strong and scored 26 points and 22 points respectively. Ray Allen scored 9 points on 3-for-1 shooting.
But it’s not just the two of them who were surprised by Cassell’s performance in the fourth quarter. When the team fell into a low scoring tide, "aliens" stepped forward to help the Celtics win the key.
When the Green Shirts tried their best to sign Kassel in March, they hoped that the 39-year-old "alien" would come out to help the team at this time, and Kassel also showed himself and told Rivers that his choice was absolutely right.

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