The so-called most dangerous place is the safest place.

There is only one oss left at the entrance of the armor manufacturing factory, and there is a head armor left. Even the two guards who came to guard the door have left … The captain of Qinbing was attacked at home and took off his head. oss was furious with oss at this time, which was quite dangerous.
There is also a quiet step to move to the door while the explosion appears, with a backpack in one hand and a sunder saber in the other, and a flame armor helmet is hidden in the forest.
At this time, Lin looked at the head flame armor strangely. "Why didn’t it explode?"
Staring at the head flame armor for a while, Lin focused on the oss. I’m sure … This flame armor didn’t explode, and it definitely exists with this oss.
I don’t want to see it, but I have something special
Lin is still waiting for a soldier. There is nothing special. When he reaches the rank of noncommissioned officer, he can recruit a soldier-level pro-soldier. Pro-soldier’s life and death are in the hands of the officer. The first-level noncommissioned officer’s brain can control the pro-soldier’s brain to carry out his own mandatory orders, even if he wants the other party to explode his armor.
Nature can also control QinBing armor to prevent it from exploding.
This QinBing is a player, too.
First-class noncommissioned officers can recruit one soldier rank, and second-class noncommissioned officers can recruit two third-class noncommissioned officers, and so on.
Commandant-level officers can recruit junior officers, second lieutenants can recruit ten junior officers, and lieutenants can recruit soldiers by controlling senior officers. This is a great force.
The second lieutenant has recruited ten grade nine noncommissioned officers and can have one hundred Qinbing at the end.
Similarly, if ten first-class noncommissioned officers are recruited slightly, there will be only twenty Qinbing in total … It can be seen that there will be great differences in the power of the same rank.
It is because of these characteristics that the rank is difficult to be promoted.
It’s a joke in the army to be an official. It’s a deal. Hundreds of people live and die … This is absolutely different from the guild. The quality is completely different
Lin didn’t know this. If he knew it, he would be able to guess that the rebel army who was also wearing gold armor was supposed to be a second lieutenant with ten non-commissioned officers Qinbing, but three of the ten non-commissioned officers Qinbing might have just been promoted to the non-commissioned officers’ office and were wearing black armor.
Now this big oss should be a lieutenant, even a lieutenant, and there will be hundreds of Qinbing at the bottom.
And this gold armor is the officer armor of a lieutenant officer.
Of course, the same rank has a great gap in status and equipment, just like the mayor of the same provincial capital, the mayor of a remote province and the mayor of a county-level city, not to mention the mayor of the capital.
Lin is ready to move!
This armor defense force he knows that general weapon root has no effect on it … This armor is too powerful.
Can a laser sword kill this armor? I don’t think so. The laser sword is a kind of high-temperature attack, which has no effect on the flame armor. It may have an effect on this gold armor, but it has absolutely no slaying effect.
Armor-piercing saber must not say that penetrating bullets have to be fired three times in a row. How can this armor-piercing saber be effective? It would be nice to leave a trace on the gold armor.
"Mom, I don’t have a weapon that can kill this golden armor!"
"I’m not willing to be so close. If there is a good weapon to sneak attack, first of all, he will never react."
"Armor won’t explode … I don’t know if I can touch such a good thing!"
Lin will have such a state of mind because he thinks that even if he kills the other armor of the rebel army in this place, he will think that the Qinbing just killed by him will not explode like the long flame armor … So he moved the idea of killing this oss. If the oss gold armor didn’t explode, he would be sent.
This possibility is quite large. After all, just killed one that didn’t explode.
It is impossible for Lin to put his things in tactical backpack at this time. It is convenient for tactical backpack to take things and put things in trouble. Lin slowly puts his things on the ground one by one, which is invisible anyway.
Then take out a glove that is also invisible, slowly put it on your hand, and gently move your fingers to make a fist.
In the 99-level combat program, the explosion is aided by the surrounding wind and the distance, and the oss is aware of the situation approaching …
Although Lin hasn’t used it when he was wearing armor, it is clear that what he learned from special training is impossible without it.
After all, it’s all in this game. If there is nothing, it will guide him to learn!
Lin is very slow, and his boxing strength and boxing speed will affect his strength. However, when armor comes to strength, it will be a great terror. To deal with people hiding in armor, rather than surface armor, Lin does not need to exert too much power to deal with a human root.
As soon as it was crisp, oss’s head shook slightly, and his body suddenly trembled, and then he just froze.
Lin didn’t stay long after this punch, so he immediately stepped back, picked up what he had put on the ground, and then started the jet device to zip away.
To be on the safe side, be careful first … Lin creed!
Lin is not sure whether this oss armor will explode because of oss’s death, but whether he is critical or not, he must run away first. Besides, if there is no critical talk, just come back and get it.
Chapter one hundred and three The Great Escape!
"One two three four five!"
"Six seven * * ten!"
Generally, the armor controller dies, and the armor will explode in three to five seconds. Lin waited a little longer for a few seconds, and the golden armor actually didn’t explode.
An Yilin waited for ten seconds and still didn’t go over and wait!
"Eleven, twelve … twenty!"
Lin’s eyes are getting brighter and brighter, and his mood is also excited … It’s been 20 seconds, and he immediately rushed back and shook his golden armor.
Death, the body will disappear, leaving armor.

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