"What a pity?"

"Little you ruined my good thing!" Fairy bash elbows and glare just changed. "You saved those three women, so you will die."
"Do you want to take possession?"
In addition to reincarnation, the spiritual body can only take possession of it.
Fairy laughed and looked arrogant. "You couldn’t guess my identity before you died, right?"
Xiao Jing opened his hand quite naively. "You are not a red plum fairy."
Her face sank. "Go on."
"You stole the life of Hongmei Xiandaolv, and before her fall, you sneaked into Xianfu with the intention of stealing the treasure, but you were trapped for thousands of years."
"Once you die of old age, you will see the light of day again. Yuan Ying’s temporary hiding in the treasure not only opened the secret realm of Hongmei, but also attempted to seize the house."
"You don’t even see my appearance. Can you be a respected red plum fairy by seducting on the color?"
I heard that the other party flew into a rage and roared, "Shut up! What kind of fairy she is, she will pretend to be disgusting! "
Xiao Jing smiled faintly and said, "She is ashamed to die, but what about you?"
She is the rebel brother of Hongmeixian, who was cursed by the great power of deification, and ended up in the secret world for thousands of years.
Bibo Zhenjun was stripped to the ground and flew into a rage. "Don’t you dare talk nonsense again and I’ll make your life hell!"
"Today it’s either you or me." Xiao Jing was indifferent to her threat. "You won’t succeed with my breath in your battle."
This blue wave is really scary. "How can you be human?"
It’s her card, and even Hongmeixian is kept in the dark. Does he know that?
Xiao Jing smiled shallowly and said unfathomably, "What you have exposed will eventually be abandoned by heaven."
Say a purple sky thunder from nine days with conan the destroyer deterrence will fairy mansion tore a big hole.
That’s a warning from heaven, which makes everything in the world tremble.
Blue waves really pale with horror on the brink of death unwilling and fear to do the last fight!
"Smelly little boy, you’re ruining my good deeds, and I want you to die!"
The true spirit of Bibo jumped forward into a blue flash and poured into Xiao Jing’s knowledge of the sea.
Thousands of years later, a powerful spirit of Yuan Ying is still as strong as a mountain and goes straight to Xiao Jing Lingfu.
"Although it’s a male, I can have your body!"
Bibo Zhenjun grinned and lost his little baby.
Suddenly, the true gentleman of Bibo rose sharply and climbed steadily to hit the peak.
"hmm? What is this? "
When she exclaimed, her spirit was haunted by a black gas
Bibo Zhenjun was well-informed and quickly calmed down. "You dare to throw your weight around and die!"
The ancient great power has a monstrous power to force this magic gas to Yin Tang point.
The blue waves are true, the crow’s hair is fluttering, and the pretty face is long-lost and carefree.
Soon she will be able to return to the world and climb the peak again.
After going out, she will take back the secret territory of Hongmei, dig up the bones of Hongmei little bitch and whip them day and night.
Master, master, you are outstanding. Why didn’t you die?
From now on, it will be my blue wave era!
Biboxian laughed wildly with open arms, and suddenly she stopped laughing.
"What? Not magic? " Bibo Zhenjun was stunned. Two fingers pressed Yintang point and exclaimed, "It’s a magic seed!"
Since ancient times, good and evil have been different, and the evil spirits have changed.
Although magic practice is wanton, it can still check and balance, but the magic species is a madman who loses his humanity when he becomes possessed.
I heard that there was a magic baby thousands of years ago who did not play with the world and set off a bloody affair, which caused widespread indignation and resentment.
All sides were able to endure the encirclement and suppression. In January, more than 10 large-scale forces joined forces to suppress him.
Before being suppressed, the magic baby thief threw the magic seeds into the world and parasitized in the sea of monks’ knowledge, enticing them to steal spirits and trying to break the seal.
What’s even more frightening is that the magic seed is immortal, and it is difficult for Yuan Ying to destroy it. Once it is touched, it will never die.
After Biboxian swallowed Xiao Jing’s fascination, he moved along with the magic seeds.
The magic seed was imprisoned for a long time, and once it was released, its power increased greatly, and the magic gas invaded the spirit of Bibo Zhenjun.
"I don’t know if I live or die!"
The true gentleman of Bibo is Yuan Ying’s great power, and it can’t be presumptuous if he can’t stand it!
"Others can’t endure you, but I can!"
The blue waves really set your mind on five fingers, which gave birth to the force of the moment, and the magic baby broke into the eyebrows.
The magic kind let out a piercing scream and instantly detonated and disappeared in heaven and earth.
"Little bitch, I’m not as good as you except the magic seed …"
Gradually, the blue waves really deify the ash.
With Xiao Jing being protected by a golden light, he jumped out of the chaos.
"Harm others and harm yourself, and you will stop here."
Xiao Jing sighed and regained the body control again, even the magic baby kind of magic seeds were removed.
An old frontiersman loses his horse—a blessing in disguise
It’s a pity that getting rid of the magic seed won’t help. The magic baby is already alive!
Xiao Jingli didn’t find anything wrong when he was in the quiet abode of fairies and immortals.
"away from the heart curse?"
Is it a curse?
Thinking unsuccessfully, Xiao Jing no longer wants to sweep away the treasures in the cave.
No wonder monks love to go out and experience. Once they encounter a big chance, their bags are bulging.
Xiao Jing smiled contentedly, like a warm sun, and swept away the haze for many days

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