Followed by the younger brothers to see the leader injured to some fear, but on hearing bare has been seriously injured, the fear mentality immediately swept away and waved this weapon to rush bare again and cut off the original theatre. Those bandits never thought that in their eyes, the enemy would be in front of the boss, and this seemingly insignificant guy would suffer a loss. After one leng, he followed the others to attack bare.

Dozens of weapons instantly annihilated bare in it "eldest brother with the wind! !” Not far away, I was worried and exclaimed. Although I believed in the man who made her move, I was not surprised at this time. After all, there were too many enemies and too strong to know that it was no use giving myself. But at this time, she seemed to forget Bare’s words and forgot her own danger. She was going to rush to the crowd to save Bare.
However, it’s natural to stop by a sudden sound to "absolute guard". With this yelling, a round passport rises in bare body, and weapons pop and bump like rain. In the absolute guard, the thieves and robbers are shocked, their arms are numb and numb, and they are too strong to fly.
In this critical moment, bare didn’t even think about instantly activating the absolute guardian skill to put an end to all physical magic attacks. Although it was a little short, it was enough for this short time. Bare quickly took out some super healing drugs from the ring and poured them in, and soon pulled back the blood volume.
The short blade of the abdomen didn’t come out, and before the enemy could react, a huge tornado swept out in the bare center with a wave of the blade of the God of War, blowing the bandits who were still in a panic, and several reactions quickly avoided the hurricane attack.
What’s more, the freezing effect during the operation of the unlucky hurricane appeared in their bodies, and the method of freezing in place was used to escape. At this time, the absolute guardian had passed bare, and it was impossible to miss this excellent attack opportunity. The figure even flashed near bare, and several thieves felt that their necks were cold and then a sharp pain gradually lost their intuition.
Several blood swords shot up, mixed with six or seven heads in the lotus flower, and fell to the ground in the middle of the flight. My eyes were still wide open to see how I was killed! When the leader saw that he lost six or seven hands in an instant, he never got cold in his heart, but he was unwilling to be scared like this and immediately pressed his fear into his heart.
"Brothers, don’t be afraid that he’s alone. What can he do? He’s already been seriously injured. We’ll kill him even if we consume him!" The lean leader didn’t forget to cheer for his hand at this time and rushed to bare. He picked up a dead bandit dagger on the road and waved one arm to kill bare. He was willing to completely erase this good thing that destroyed himself. At this time, he hated bare and wouldn’t be willing to kill him.
The lean leader led those bandits who were afraid to regain their confidence again and rushed to the injured bare. Suddenly, the knife flashed and shouted and kept watching. Captain Moscalwei felt a great cold in his heart and constantly compared himself with bare. What should I do if I was in such an environment? Can I save myself? After thinking for a long time, the final answer is that you will be dismembered by the chaotic blade and have a chance to survive.
Chapter 375 National Border Gate (10)
The lean leader led those bandits who were afraid to regain their confidence again and rushed to the injured bare. Suddenly, the knife flashed and shouted and kept watching. Captain Moscalwei felt a great cold in his heart and constantly compared himself with bare. What should I do if I was in such an environment? Can I save myself? After thinking for a long time, the final answer is that you will be dismembered by the chaotic blade and have a chance to survive.
"I don’t want to give some color to the dye house!" It’s really unpleasant to be beaten by people. Although the speed of those thieves was affected by the hurricane, it was a small number of them who were not affected. The thieves flocked to bare, especially the lean thief leader. Although he broke his arm, he was ruthless. His strength didn’t drop much. Large-scale attacks continued to greet bare everywhere.
Especially backstab, a thief’s unique skill, will give bare a chance. So two of them make bare a little overwhelmed, and the clay idol still has three points of soil. Kuang bare, a hot-blooded man, makes those pedestrian monsters upset and constrained everywhere. At this time, the flicker method with the wind has reached its extreme, but those thieves shadowstep are not bad, and they are barely following bare steps.
In the constant hitting, Xiao Ran can’t help but eat a lot. Every step in Xiao Ran will lose his nerve and cause severe pain. If Xiao Ran is not more determined, this pain can also kill people. "Mom doesn’t play anymore, I want to rest!" At this time, bare is no longer lazy, and the painful deformed handsome face is sweating and sweating, and the sweat is ticking and moving down the ground. It is forced by the pain nerve.
"Ha ha don’t play also want to have a rest? You said you wouldn’t play if you didn’t play? You want to stop after killing so many of my brothers? It’s not that easy to hum unless you pour it, then you can rest forever! " The thief leader cold hum a vociferously waved a dagger while after bare scold a way.
"It’s up to me to decide whether to play or not. I want to rest and no one can stop me!" The dagger of the thief leader who escaped from the blaster drew an arc across the waist of a thief who didn’t dodge. It didn’t take much effort to cut him off. What happened to the thief who didn’t even die in vain? He had already stopped the bare sword in his hand. How could he be cut in two? ~
When the thieves saw that their companions had poured another one, they were not afraid, but they became more crazy and bloodthirsty. They became more violent when they were stimulated by blood, and both the enemy’s blood and their companions’ blood deeply stimulated their daggers to greet them everywhere.
Such a crazy attack, even if bare posture is no matter how good it is, can’t hold up. People are desperately dissatisfied with their health values. There are also scars on their bodies. Except for abdominal wounds, they are all minor injuries, which can also make bare have a big headache. It’s not simple for people to be able to hurt bare like this.
Watching a few people lose heart, Moskar, the village chief, has forgotten what he is doing at this time and is immersed in the bare and bandit fighting.
Bare is in distress, and he is also worried. Bare is excited every time he kills a bandit. He forgets that he is also a warrior and can be thrown into the battle at any time. The captain of the guard is not much better than his village head. The enemy is strong. He has already seen it, and every time it is dangerous. This time, seeing Bare kill so many enemies by himself, it is also a big price to ignore Bare.
There is a silly girl who is infatuated with dreams. He doesn’t care whether bare kills several enemies or not. When bare encounters a danger, her heart will be worried. If she doesn’t know that she can’t help anything, she would have rushed to help the man in her mind to share some. Now all he can do is to cheer in her heart.
"Why doesn’t he call his pet out to help? What time is it to call a pet!" Although I don’t know how many secrets this mysterious man has, she has seen bare pet perverts, and every one of them is not to be ignored and can’t help calling in her heart.
Mosca, the dragon, will not talk about that guy. It is estimated that those thieves would have run away as soon as they came out. No one has enough to eat and have nothing to do, especially the frost dragon, the leader of the dragons. If those thieves knew that there was a frost dragon pet, I don’t know if they would be as crazy as they are now.
The enemy’s madness is beyond bare’s expectation again. At this time, there are less than twenty bandits left. Bare has killed more than a dozen of them in several encounters. This is also the reason why those bandits are crazy. Now this situation is very obvious. Either the enemy dies or I die. Can they not be crazy? This is a life-threatening situation.
Only by killing this unlucky player will they have a chance. Twenty thieves are driven by the lean leader to form a posture of encirclement, and they want to kill bare even if they sacrifice a few more people.
"I don’t think you can make it. Do you want me to come out and give you a hand? Just give me enough baby." At this time, a very dissonant sound appeared in everyone’s ears, which made everyone wonder where the sound came from. Even Captain Moscalwei, who was not far away, heard it clearly.
"Strange! Who’s talking? The sound is still so loud that my ears are numb! " The village chief Moskar lifted up his eyes and looked around for a long time, but he didn’t find the sound source around him. Except for the bandits, there were only a few of them who were infatuated with dreams.
"Hum! Do you think that beauty can get them as well as you and me! " Bare and ungrateful, while avoiding greeting, all kinds of attacks on him seemed to be talking to himself and said
"Don’t hold on. Your body injury won’t last long. Unless you can transform again, you … hehe will fall down soon!" Mosca, a pet dragon, has no sense of being a pet. At this critical moment, he is still thinking about bare terms and wants to strive for greater interests
"What can I do without you?" Xiao Rangen didn’t intend to let mosca come out to scare people. This is his last trump card. How can it come out now?
"Well, I’ll see what else you have. If you don’t end the fight soon, it’s estimated that you won’t last long. My conditions are still valid. If you want to understand, I’ll take care of these caterpillars for you!" Say that finish before bare answer dragon mosca closed silence waiting for bare to ask it for help.
Chapter 376 National Border Gate (11)
"Well, I’ll see what else you have. If you don’t end the fight soon, it’s estimated that you won’t last long. My conditions are still valid. If you want to understand, I’ll take care of these caterpillars for you!" Say that finish before bare answer dragon mosca closed silence waiting for bare to ask it for help.
Mosca doesn’t seem to think highly of his master, bare. If the injury is treated from time to time, even if he has no amount of healing medicine, it’s not enough. What’s worse, there are a lot of enemies after the knife.
"Hum, you look down on your master too much. Can you still be your master without something to do?" Bare, angry with mosca, can’t have a pet, in turn, laugh at the owner, but he can’t help this dragon without turning into a god of war. He is really not his opponent. This pervert is really tough to deal with. The soul contract can contain it and won’t rebel. Now bare, I regret it a little. Why do you sign an equal contract with it on impulse?
The dragon mosca seems to know what’s going on in Bare’s heart. Smiling in Bare’s ear constantly reminds Bare of a sword that annoys Bare in an attempt to stop his thief from reaching out. "Come out, I’m loyal to my familiar and teach this arrogant guy a good lesson for me!" ~”
The footsteps flashed a little and pulled a little distance. At bare feet, two familiar wolves and a skeleton monster braved the golden light suddenly appeared. Don’t say that it was Xiaojin and bloodthirsty. Seeing bare, a group of bandits suddenly summoned two pets, and they couldn’t help but kill them. Because they didn’t know the depth, they didn’t dare to attack before.
Be careful to guard against those two monsters attacking bloodthirsty Jin at any time. As soon as he appeared bare, he received a bloodthirsty complaint, "Master, why didn’t you let me out for activities? I’m suffocating." Complaining about bloodthirsty or mini-form, though small, I don’t know what the thief’s eyes are going round and round behind him.
On the contrary, Xiaojin repented and executed the guardian duty, and entered the fighting state at the moment when he was summoned. The golden bone knife was placed across his chest and ready to attack at any time. "Well, what are you complaining about? You should be careful. These guys don’t say that they are good at dealing with high levels, but they are still cunning. Don’t be careless, you know!" I can’t help but wake up when I see bloodthirsty. This monster is different from before.
Mind communication outsiders think they don’t know that bloodthirsty is a bleak alarm, and they can’t help but put away their play mentality and get serious. The order gap makes bloodthirsty not afraid of those monsters with high grades. You know, even for dragons, they don’t hesitate to make matters worse. These low-ranking creatures.
After observing for a long time, the thieves didn’t see where the pet was strong. They couldn’t help but relax a lot of shouting. Once again, they rushed to their eyes, bloodthirsty is just a young wolf cub, which can’t pose any threat to them. It’s not clear why the mage summoned such a weak pet. Do you want to hold them back with these two little guys?
It’s a delusion not to kill him. These bandits won’t be willing to kill him. Once again, I think that the drums are ringing again. This time, there are two more golden dragons because of bloodthirsty. If you want to kill bare, you must first get rid of his two familiar things.
In their eyes, these two monsters are not difficult to solve, but when they hand, they know that their mistakes are outrageous. Bloodthirsty still hasn’t changed or mini-form is grinning in front of bare, cold and sharp, ready to take a bite at the enemy’s throat at any time.
On the contrary, Jin uncharacteristically saw the enemy approaching and immediately turned into a one-meter body, which was as high as ten meters like a wall in front of bare. With a wave of his hand, the osteotome rushed the fastest, and the one-armed leader was seriously injured. This time, the snow and frost almost didn’t hang up on the spot, and the dagger in his hand risked lotus flower. I don’t know where to fly.
Xiao Jin’s hard work isn’t asking for it? Xiao Jin is an absolute power familiar. Even bare has eaten it. Thanks to the thief’s head falling far into the grass for a while, he failed to get up. Xiao Jin is no longer welcome. Bare motioned to rush into the crowd quickly, and several thieves were smashed and followed in the footsteps of their leader.
The mini bloodthirsty saw Jin move his calf and turn into a red line, and he shuttled back and forth in the crowd. The bloodthirsty was cunning enough. He didn’t look for those healthy thieves desperately, but relied on the speed advantage to find a few thieves who hadn’t landed yet, so he was buried in it, and his teeth were not white until he died. This little guy was so fast that he saw a flash of light and shadow, a sharp pain in his throat and then he was unconscious.
Xiaojin’s bloodthirsty cooperation is just right, neither letting the enemy rush to bare side, nor letting the enemy leave Xiaojin’s rough skin to meet the thieves. Although the level is high, the strength is poor. Xiaojin’s short blades of many daggers can’t cause too much damage, but shock his arms.
Xiaojin is also welcome. The sword fell and swept the figure flying around. Lucky thieves can still escape, but those unlucky ones will not be mentioned. They were either smashed or put by Xiaojin. Even if they were not killed on the spot, they were followed by bloodthirsty intimacy. A wolf kiss returned to reunification and ended their evil life.
More than two dozen bandits have been removed in a blink of an eye. Most of them were picked up cheaply by cunning bloodthirsty and really died in Xiaojin’s hands. Few of them left the battle bare and didn’t try so hard to deal with it. Yamaguchi took two bottles of red and drank them to pull the sliding health.
Stop to watch the battle between the two pets. Now Xiaojin and Bloodthirsty have grown a lot. As the master’s level rises, they will also upgrade. This upgrade is not an order upgrade, but a strength upgrade. There are still some low-level restrictions on their growth.
"What are the two monsters in the village chief that I haven’t seen before! Especially the little one, how fast he is so fast that he can’t see his face! " Watching captain Wei see bloodthirsty in the distance, the abnormal speed is very envious. I can’t help but ask the old village head to find out the origin of bloodthirsty with the experience of the village head.
"alas! It seems that I am really old! " The village chief Moskal did not directly answer the captain’s question and lamented that he looked at the bloodthirsty and Xiaojin wait for a while in the battle.

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