Ruthlessly rejected the monitor of Xu Sanduo’s history and just went out. Xu Baishun was angry and wanted to beat Xu Sanduo again.

"You, you, a soldier, you can’t be me."
"Turtle, where are you going again? A soldier won’t kill you."
From the first to the present, the most burning period came from behind, and the monitor of history directly blew it up. After stopping Xu Baishun, the monitor of history did not drink a bowl of wine.
"I don’t want him, doyen. I don’t want him."
"It’s not that I’m out of time, it’s that the army is out of time to adapt to him. If he doesn’t have time to learn from him, he may become a good soldier, but he will have to work hard. If he can play this life, what can he do?"
An explanation also doesn’t make sense. The head history monitor broke out completely and roared with a wave of his hand
"I’ll take it"
"I want him, he is my soldier. If you beat your son and scold your son, I can’t control it. From today, if you dare to beat my soldier and scold my soldier, it’s a turtle."
Then slowly roars a way
"I can’t do one hundred and ten."
"Year after year, I bring your son into an upright soldier."
The monitor of the history of lying in the trough is so handsome that it exploded. That’s why he meows like a man.
The audience was suddenly moved and burst into inexplicable tears.
So I didn’t want to be called turtle Xu Sanduo again, so I entered the army, and my second brother also said that he would go out to travel.
The train platform was touching, respectively. Xu Sanduo found that success also became a soldier, and the wheels moved. Dad Xu started quarreling with the car and tore up two small gangsters, while shouting to the carriage, "Do a good job in the army."
In Taiwan, Xu Sanduo, who was scared to be soft-legged, went crazy and wanted to rush to be stopped by the squad leader.
Cried and said, "monitor, my father called my son back for the first time."
Touched several people’s tears again
Is it true that Xu Sanduo broke out in this way, and when he saw the tank when he changed cars, he was scared to surrender and left a very bad impression on the company commander?
When the recruits were training, they were so stupid that the audience wanted to rush over and beat him. They couldn’t even learn a simple turn back, but they couldn’t help the wall. But watching the May 1 ST, which was driven crazy by Xu Sanduo, the audience couldn’t do coke.
When the company commander lectured and bragged, he finally showed a super memory, and as a result, he dragged down the confidentiality rules of the platoon.
After the audience finished speaking, Xu Sanduo was so stupid that he cried. What, there are such stupid people in this world? How did he come alive and admire him?
In the military regimental headquarters, I saw that this period of time was completely different. When Princess Jiaojiao showed off his steel company for seven years.
The third company commander directly got up and yelled, "Old Seven, how many cars and sniper teams do you have in that broken reconnaissance company? Are you an international soldier?"
"Ha ha ha ha"
Instant smile force who doesn’t know this seven company commander high city is suluo in suggesting that our seven company commanders are beautifully black.
The seventh company commander quit directly. "No, I’m not that fond of showing off in an ostentatious manner."
"Ha ha"
The regiment is laughing. It’s the seventh company commander. You usually show off in an ostentatious manner. Even when you are excited, you stutter.
Second, it’s over
What feeling?
It’s a brief two-appearance, and everyone plays flesh and blood, showing their personality to the fullest.

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