However, two people gnashed their teeth after seeing these news reports. These two men, one in China and the other in Indiana.

Jiang Xinghan had a copy of Basketball Pioneer in his hand. After seeing Li Cheng’s huge photos and articles, he tore the newspaper into pieces.
"Little bastard, you ungrateful thing, I will make you pay." Needless to say, Jiang Xinghan’s hatred for Li Cheng is always ready to retaliate against Li Cheng.
Another person is naturally Deng Liwei Jr. When he saw the report about Li Cheng on TV, he immediately changed the channel. As a result, he didn’t change a few channels and saw the news report about Li Cheng again. He turned off the TV directly and threw the remote control aside.
"China puppy, you have the ability to keep the feel of this game all the time. Don’t give me a chance." Little Deng Liwei suddenly thought of something, and his eyes suddenly lit up. "Little dog, I hope you are lucky enough. Otherwise, you won’t have many good days, and I still want to have fun with you! "
Deng Liwei’s dislike of Li Cheng is entirely from jealousy. The reason why he hates Li Cheng is mainly that Li Cheng has something he doesn’t have.
In real life, too, a person hates you mainly because you have something he doesn’t have, that’s all.
Deng Liwei wants to get back at Li Cheng, very much. But he can’t talk to Li Chenggang head-on. Now Li Cheng is in full swing, isn’t it silly to confront him head-on?
At this point, Deng Liwei Jr. obviously thought of a way to get back at Li Cheng. A way to avoid confrontation with Li Cheng and vent his hatred.
On the question of Li Cheng, Americans are mainly curious, while China people are more concerned.
On the donkey robot, there are many posts about Li Cheng, including many saliva posts, but there are also some technical analysis posts.
A netizen named "shadow company" posted a post saying.
Li Cheng’s shooting is already a big problem, but his three-pointers are really worrying. He scored three points in the lore of Portland and the lore of the Cavaliers, but it is true that he rarely made three points in the game. If he doesn’t continue to develop his three-point ability, more and more teams will push him outside the three-point line, forcing him to shoot three points. If his three-point projection is not stable enough at this time, something will go wrong sooner or later.
On the other hand, Li Cheng is too thin. If he wants to gain a foothold in the nba, he must strengthen his strength, and at the same time, his defense must also be strengthened. We hope China can be a core defender of a champion team. Li Cheng has such potential, and we hope he can do it. I’m looking forward to the game between the Pacers and the Nets. I don’t know what kind of performance Li Cheng will have.
What this netizen said is very in place. He said Li Cheng’s current weakness and his blessing to Li Cheng.
What will happen to a China man who scored 50 points in Cleveland?
Tonight, the upcoming game in Cances Center will meet all the expectations of all the fans who are concerned about Li Cheng!
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Chapter 31 You will know me
Many people are paying attention to this game, and they want to see how China’s second round show will perform.
"How will he stop the impact of Carter today? By his face? "
"Let me see why he can score 50 points in a single game."
In the United States, there are still some people who hate Li Cheng. They are biased against China people. They are jealous of Li Cheng’s appearance. They don’t believe that a two-round show in China can suddenly break out and defeat the little emperor they worship. Because they don’t want to believe it, they want to see with their own eyes how Li Cheng will perform in this game.
Before every game, Li Cheng will warm up very carefully. Every time he plays, he pays attention to these details, which is why O ‘Brien is very happy to send him on after he proves his ability. O ‘Brien sees what he usually says and does, and his impression of Li Cheng is actually very good.
"Look at his shooting during the warm-up. It’s very handsome."
"The action is handsome and can’t be eaten. James White’s dunk is picturesque. Can he play in the nba?"
"all right! The warm-up is over, let’s take a good look at their game. "
After the warm-up, Vince Carter just walked to the sidelines, and a reporter immediately pointed the microphone at him.
"Vince, do you know Li Cheng? This new guy in Indiana is very nice. Will you guard against him tonight? "
"Li cheng? Who is he? " Carter was obviously confused.
"The guy who scored 50 points in Cleveland."

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