Experiment 3 radiation experiment

The experimental results show that the hazard degree of trace radiation is not … verified when necessary.
Experiment 4 decay experiment
Experimental results: The experiment is in progress …
Lin is in a daze when he looks at these things … His knowledge of medicine, biology, material science … stays at the ordinary level in the 21st century. Although this is only the knowledge in the 31st century, it makes him confused and able to understand the simple overview of the results.
"D dissolution experiment, Kuruba element experiment, yellow knot experiment, chromatographic resolution experiment, measurement analysis experiment …"
Lin didn’t skip these incomprehensible things directly, but remembered all these departments. It took Lin five or six hours to remember this’ immortality’ test report.
Until finally, something unprofessional that Lin could understand appeared.
"Immortality is not a dream. I can see the day of success. I will be reborn on December 21, 3 years … June 5, 1997!"
"It’s a very troublesome problem that Nima can’t understand!"
"To find those?"
"Or … learn by yourself? If you can understand it, it is estimated that it will not take long to span 7,000 years of computer knowledge. I learned most of it when I was a little bit. This span is less than 1,000 years. Medicine, biology … knowledge has been learned very quickly. "
"Find out the photo tool first … er, there’s nothing in this supercomputer!"
"Yeah, it’s not a library, it’s just an experimental database."
"But do you want to take the time to remember these materials … forget it. There are so many materials here that I can read them page by page. I don’t know how many years it will take to remember some of them."
"In the military base …" Lin recalled that "there is not much information in the military base database, so I’d better go to those universities in Yaxing first to find this aspect to learn!"
Shut down the ancient supercomputer and mess up the plug-in part behind the supercomputer, which is the only way to get away from Bayrou Virus Research Institute.
For a person with an unforgettable memory, learning is a pleasure … life is limited. Even with an unforgettable memory, you can’t learn much even if you don’t know how many things can be filled in your brain.
However, science and technology continue to prolong human life or change direction to prolong human life, which also allows a person to have more time to study and study.
Year after year!
Lin read all the way from one university to another, and rummaged through dozens of professional forests, such as medicine, biology, material science, genetics, etc. Only then did he find that the knowledge he had to learn for nearly 1,000 years was not much less than the computer knowledge he had learned for nearly 7,000 years before.
Although computer is a big major, it is a bit small compared with dozens of majors, but Lin’s study is purposeful, that is, he can understand the research report of "immortality"
After studying for five years and visiting hundreds of universities in Luya, I finished reading the experimental report on "Immortality".
In the past five years, every day or every day, from killing one person and destroying one virus nucleus every day to killing thirty-two zombies and destroying thirty-two virus nuclei every day, the number has been upgraded every day and every year, which is to say, these figures have been doubled every time.
Ten thousand players will be destroyed by players in the first year, 7.3 million zombies in the second year, 14.6 million zombies in the third year, 29.2 million zombies in the fifth year and 50.4 million zombies in the sixth year.
If you go on, hundreds of millions of zombies will be wiped out every year.
However, zombies are not limited to humanoid zombies. It is considered a zombie slap to shoot dozens of zombie mosquitoes and kill dozens of zombies. It is not the same if the zombie root is too small. The zombie can form a virus nucleus only if it has the size of a cat or a dog.
Zombies can’t kill a complete road Yaxing animal. There are definitely trillions and hundreds of trillions of troubles. It’s the virus core … but it’s only after you don’t bother now that you will be in trouble.
At the same time, as the years go by, the virus nuclei in most zombie bodies are getting bigger and bigger, which makes zombie bodies and limbs more flexible and faster. Zombies are no longer able to walk, and most of them can run and jump. It is more and more difficult to catch and kill.
Lin is still very leisurely … His front layout is more than just a military base. He has also bought a lot of materials in various cities in Luyaxing. He has spent hundreds of years on his own. This is all due to money.
Lin has completely understood the research report of "immortality" and is heading for the Bayrou virus research institute.
At the same time, the military base is having a very important meeting!
Chapter one hundred and seventy The first base!
"Today’s topic is very simple, that is, the division of labor and the distribution of materials and personnel in other bases!"
The speaker is none other than the game king Lika, who is talking to many thrones and quasi-thrones on the podium, but his goal is not these thrones and quasi-thrones, but that he has no strength and brains.
I haven’t asked about the base since I left the base from Lin.
After appearing every day
In the first year, when Lin was still there, nine players joined the base.
In the second year, Lin left and dozens of players joined the base.
In the third year, hundreds of players joined the base.
In the fourth year, hundreds of players joined the base.
There is little difference between the figures of the fifth year and the second year of the third year.
In the sixth year, that is, this year, the number of players in the whole base has exceeded the number, reaching more than 5 thousand.
From the fourth year, every player kills zombies and destroys a virus nucleus every day, nearly 1000 people consume thousands of zombies and thousands of virus nuclei every day. There is no way to ensure that once exposed, the virus nucleus will slowly disappear and dissipate in the air, just like it will dissipate in a sealed box.
The second base appeared.
It’s very simple to find a military base and rush in to kill the zombies in the military base … and then occupy the base, but the brain is a big problem. Fortunately, they found the big shot in charge of the base among the zombies and found the brain code and chips in the base control center before they got the control of the base.
With the second, there will be a third and a fourth … Their ambitions will never stop expanding. Of course, this is because there are too many zombies in the first base Genfana.
Until the sixth year, ten military bases were fully occupied and controlled.
However, it is essential for a military base to operate normally … Long Zhi has never been away from the first base, and the first base also believes that Long Zhi, after all, has invested in zombie virus research, which is obvious. Everything is carried out around virus research.
Besides the first base, other military bases don’t have much materials, and even if they do, they are not the most advanced.
Contradictions arise from this!

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